What we do

BNI St Paul's is Birmingham's leading focussed business networking group. We are a group of Business people who meet every Wednesday morning from 06.45am - 8.30am at St Pauls House on St Paul's Sq. The success of BNI St Paul's is gained through meaningful relationships being fostered and developed, we engender friendship and fun into our meetings with one eye on developing business referrals for each other and helping each and every business grow.

BNI St Paul's has a long and varied member list that incorporates very large businesses to small companies, who are looking to grow. In 2010 BNI ST Paul's contributed to the 695,000 referrals and £245m+ business that were passed amongst the members on BNI in the UK.

If you are looking to expand on your business's reputation and increase output and join a networking group that will improve your bottom line, then look no further; you will be most welcome to visit BNI St Paul's, once you have visited the group we are confident that you will want to join.